End of the 2018 financial year - is your SMSF ready? | June 2018

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End of the 2018 financial year - is your SMSF ready?

June 2018

With the end of the financial year fast approaching, now is the perfect time to ensure everything is in place for your SMSF before 30 June. This Insight Paper details some superannuation strategies you may want to know more about to get the best out of your fund, including:

  • Contribution caps
  • Drawing superannuation pensions
  • Personal superannuation and co-contributions
  • SMSF fund expenses
  • Rebalancing accounts between spouses
  • Transfer Balance Account Reporting (TBAR)
  • CGT relief and the $1.6 million transfer balance cap (TBC)

If you have any questions or concerns about your fund in the lead up to the end of the financial year, we recommend gaining the advice of an SMSF Specialist. To find your nearest SMSF Specialist, use our Find a Specialist function.

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