Have you considered what you will do if an unexpected event occurs? | August 2018

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Have you considered what you will do if an unexpected event occurs?

August 2018

Your SMSF is a long-term plan and a lot can happen during this time from illness, incapacity or the death of a member.

Instead of waiting for something to happen before deciding on a course of action, which may be too late, it is recommended to start planning today! It is best practice to have some contingency plans in place to deal with unexpected events. This Insight Paper will cover a range of topics that if you haven't already considered in regards to your fund, you probably should soon.

We highly recommend that you gain the advice of an SMSF Specialist when planning for the future in regards to you and your fund to ensure you have considered all the options and have picked the best one for you and your circumstances.  To find your nearest SMSF Specialist, use our Find a Specialist function.

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