Controlling the controllables: the importance of low fees

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Controlling the controllables: the importance of low fees

October 2018

Global markets and the returns they generate are clearly outside investors’ control.

However, what every SMSF investor can control – at least to a large extent – is the amount you pay to invest and maintain your portfolios.

Keeping fees and costs low should be an important focus in your investment strategy, because the fees you pay while investing have an enormous bearing on your overall returns, particularly over a long time-frame. When your costs are lower, you retain a greater proportion of your investment returns, which offers greater potential for reinvestment and compounding. Over time, even relatively minor savings in fees and costs can create significant differences in your returns and can help generate a buffer against market declines.

Making a smart decision today to lower your fees can make a huge difference to the quality of your retirement. This is especially important for lower-value SMSFs with fixed costs.

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