Important succession planning considerations for SMSF Trustees

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Important succession planning considerations for SMSF trustees

November 2018

PPM has, for over 20 years been focused on successfully building the wealth of our individual clients and SMSF trustees. Part of our service in managing our clients investments, is also to work with related professionals to assist our clients plan, for not only their financial future, but also to establish appropriate arrangements and structures to plan for their financial future when one or more of our clients is no longer alive. Estate planning is an important issue that should be considered by SMSF trustees, particularly where there is more than one trustee or more than one beneficiary under the fund. Whilst these conversations seem somewhat awkward at the time, they are important discussions to have and we have seen the benefits that forward planning brings.

Recently, PPM has worked with Lisa Sinclair of Nexus Law Group, whose practice focuses in succession and estate planning, with a particular experience in assisting SMSF trustees. Given the increasing complexity, and unfortunately the increasing number of disputes in this area, we have asked Lisa to provide some insight of current issues that should prudently be considered before it is too late.

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