Aged care & incapacity for trustees – are you ready?

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Aged care & incapacity for trustees – are you ready?

It is encouraged, as an SMSF trustee, that you undertake regular reviews and plan for any unexpected events that may take place in the future. One of these unexpected events is if a member of your fund becomes incapacitated and is unable to make decisions regarding the fund. This may result in that member going into a nursing home, which is often costly.

What do you need to consider in terms of your fund if this was to occur? Discover what key decisions you should be making now to prepare for this unexpected event.

Presenter: Franco Morelli, Policy Advisor, SMSF Association

Duration: 38 minutes

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Franco Morelli, Policy Advisor, SMSF Association

Franco is a Policy Advisor at the SMSF Association. He is a key member of the Association’s policy and technical team contributing in submissions to government and regulators on new policy and legislative measures. He is also a major contributor to the Association’s technical documents, submissions and presentations. Prior to joining the SMSF Association, Franco was a Supervisor at an SMSF firm, helping clients achieve their financial goals. He has a Law (Hon) and Commerce degree from Adelaide University and a Diploma of Financial Planning