Planning your SMSF investments

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Planning your SMSF investments

When reviewing your SMSF investment strategy and portfolio it is paramount you considering asset diversification, level of risk and how the strategy is working towards achieving your financial goals.

Trustees can enlist the help of a financial planner to plan their investment, but it is also important you are aware of the different types of investments you can have within your fund.

Franco Morelli, the SMSF Association's Policy Advisor will detail the variety of options your fund can invest in, including:

  • Direct investments  (such as shares, ETFs, cash, term deposits, hybrids, income securities, gold/silver bullion and bonds)
  • Direct property (Residential houses, villas, units, as well as Commercial property such as offices, warehouses, factory units, shops and land.)
  • Managed funds (retail or wholesale, domestic and/or international)
  • Private Unit Trusts
  • A business (non-related party to avoid hassle) and business property
  • Non-traditional assets such as coins, antiques, art , taxi plate licences, ATMs

Presented by: Franco Morelli, Policy Advisor, SMSF Association

Duration: 45 minutes

Franco is a Policy Advisor at the SMSF Association. He is a key member of the Association’s policy and technical team contributing in submissions to government and regulators on new policy and legislative measures. He is also a major contributor to the Association’s technical documents, submissions and presentations. Prior to joining the SMSF Association, Franco was a Supervisor at an SMSF firm, helping clients achieve their financial goals. He has a Law (Hon) and Commerce degree from Adelaide University and a Diploma of Financial Planning

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