SMSFs and investing in cryptocurrency

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SMSFs and investing in cryptocurrency

There has been a lot of media attention recently around cryptocurrency, but how much do you actually know about it? What is cryptocurrency exactly and can my SMSF invest in it?

This webinar will focus on a range of topics in regards to cryptocurrency and whether it is possible for an SMSF to invest in it:

• Cryptocurrency – what is it?
• Tax treatment of cryptocurrencies
• GST and digital currency
• Regulatory issues
• Investment strategy and a fund’s governing rules
• Ownership and separation of assets
• Valuation
• Related-party transactions
• Sole-purpose test
• Pension or benefit payments

Duration: 30 minutes

Presenter: Melissa Harrison, Policy Advisor, SMSF Association

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Melissa Harrison, Policy Advisor, SMSF Association

Melissa is a Policy Advisor at the SMSF Association.  She is a key member of the Association's policy and technical team contributing to submissions to government and regulators on new policy and legislative measures.

Melissa has completed a double degree in International Business and International Studies, a Graduate Diploma of Taxation and completed her Graduate of Laws in 2013.